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From basic drowning prevention program to top level courses and training to perform

🥉 Bronze

Being able to float on your back and front 5 seconds. Breathing independance (ABC : Aquatic Breathing Control). Jump and Float on your back 4/5 meters to the shore. Happy bubbling underwater

🥈 Silver

Basic backstroke to swim 1O meters alone. Breastroke coordination with breathing underwater. Swim 25 meters whatever the stroke. Dive basics from official spring board

🥇 Gold

Basic Frontcrawl 2 sides breathing 100 meters non-stop. Improved Backstroke style and fluidity. Breastroke fine coordination 25 meters. Competing dive and turn techniques

💎 Diamond

Perfect 3 strokes (Frontcrawl, Breastroke, Backstroke). Basic Butterfly coordination to be validate. Improved Techiques of competing dive. Efficient and quick turn in regard to official regulations

🏅 Pro

Eligible Timing criteria 100 meters frontcrawl under 1’30’’. Perfect 4 strokes including butterfly. 100 meters medley with turn whatever the time. Minimum 3 sessions a week

🏆 Performance

Eligible Timing Criteria 50 meters frontcrawl under 35’’. Initial Timing reference and competing goals to be set up. Training camp either in Antibes or abroad. Intensive practice (minimum 5 sessions a week)

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About your instructor

Olympic Swimmer / Professional Swim Coach

Christophe Kalfayan, founder of and head coach.
Christophe Kalfayan was selected to 3 Olympics (1988 Seoul-1992 Barcelona-Atlanta 1996)- 4 times 2nd in European championship - 15 times French champion. Winner of World Cup 50m freestyle race in 1996 (Espoo-Finland ). 41 selection in French swim team.

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